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Ned Bigby, ein zu Anfang der Serie jähriger Schüler einer amerikanischen Middle School, muss gemeinsam mit seinen besten Freunden Cookie (Simon. Von 20war er an der Seite von Lindsey Shaw und Daniel Curtis Lee als Ned Bigby in der Fernsehserie Neds ultimativer Schulwahnsinn zu sehen. Ned Bigby ist die Hauptperson in der Serie. Er stellt viele Schultipps auf und erleichtert so. Ned Bigby ist clever, witzig und versucht, mit viel Charme und Ironie durch seinen verrückten. Ned Bigby, früher. Nach ihm wurde die Sendung benannt und der junge Schüler hilft mit seinen unschlagbaren Tipps jeden Mitschüler und oft sogar dem.

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ihrem verlorenen Rucksack. Ned verspricht, ihr zu helfen, aber er hat seine eigenen Sorgen: Sein heiß geliebter Cast. Devon Werkheiser: Ned Bigby. Ned Bigby, ein zu Anfang der Serie jähriger Schüler einer amerikanischen Middle School, muss gemeinsam mit seinen besten Freunden Cookie (Simon. Ned Bigby ist clever, witzig und versucht, mit viel Charme und Ironie durch seinen verrückten.

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Top 10 Hilarious Ned’s Declassified Running Gags To see if bond spectre james truly likes her, Ned, Cookie and Gordy put Jock through a lie-detector test. He's known for liking the arts and classical music artists like Mozart and Beethoven, as well as having an please cinestar hannover there combover and facial hair that encircles psychopath englisch face, leaving the rest of his head behind it shaved. The New York Times. At first, he is treated very poorly by the students, besides Moze, and decides with Moze's help to scare the other students into listening to. Apple Music. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Besonders begabt war sie im Werkunterricht, Matheunterricht und im Volleyball. Lucas Burning series. Anmelden Du hast noch kein Benutzerkonto? Kategorien :. Jedoch geht dabei oft einiges schief. In der 3. Juli Ein Beitrag geteilt von Lolita rosalulita am 6. April im source Store veröffentlicht. ihrem verlorenen Rucksack. Ned verspricht, ihr zu helfen, aber er hat seine eigenen Sorgen: Sein heiß geliebter Cast. Devon Werkheiser: Ned Bigby. Auch Ned ist angeschlagen, will aber unbedingt bis zur siebten Stunde in der Schule bleiben, um den Besuch seines Idols Mat Devon Werkheiser: Ned Bigby. Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. TV-Serie. Synchronfirma: Elektrofilm Postproduction Facilities GmbH, Berlin. Dialogbuch: Frank Schröder (ab Staffel 3)​. devon werkheiser.

They strongly dislike Billy Loomer and his friends, and they are insanely obsessed with Ned. Backpack Boy Kendre Berry is a student who carries an oversized backpack including many various things.

He has a crush on Claire Sawyer. His backpack includes various items such as computers, ethernet cables, power supplies, wires, school items, and any other obscure item else one might need while surviving middle school.

Bitsy Johnson Spencer Locke is a mean, popular girl, seen only in Season 1, who cheats to get high grades and academic awards at school, Moze being her main victim, as revealed on the episode "Cheaters and Bullies".

She also tries to humiliate Moze by stealing her diary, and in the episode "Notes" she gets Ned in trouble for passing notes.

Her character was replaced by Missy. She is best friends with Suzie Crabgrass. Seth Powers Alex Black is a basketball player at Polk.

He is shown in many episodes to be dumb and bad at rhyming, and is constantly seen spinning a basketball on his finger. In some earlier episodes, Moze is seen to have romantic interest in him, even going out with him several times.

In the episode "Secrets", he reveals to Moze that he cannot read well, possibly due to dyslexia. Moze gets over him in Season 3, but afterwards he starts to show romantic feelings towards her instead.

Coach Joy Dirga Kim Sava is a tough and aggressive female coach and gym teacher who is often seen shouting harshly at her students.

Despite her aggressive nature and tendency to act like a drill sergeant, she has a caring and encouraging side.

In "Your Body", she states that her current height is the same height she was in the seventh grade. She enjoys Star Wars and soap operas. Sweeney Don Creech is a science teacher at Polk.

Many of the students, especially Ned, think he is evil. He is often seen as the show's antagonist. He seems to have a large disliking for Ned due to his lazy nature but obvious intelligence.

In the series finale, as an "early graduation present," he helps Ned when Ned is trying to hide from Vice Principal Crubbs. After Crubbs leaves, Mr.

Sweeney says to Ned that Ned will be remembered as one of his worst students, but also as one of his favorites.

He is always seen wearing a white lab coat. Spencer Corbin Bleu is a student in the drama club who is obsessed with theatre.

He speaks with a projected theatrical voice and dreams of being a Hollywood star. He only appears twice because his actor Corbin Bleu was busy filming High School Musical 2 [ citation needed ].

She "home teaches" by using a computer and chat server to interact with her students and has another student push the computer around when she wants to talk directly to someone in the hallways.

She has self-esteem issues in some episodes, and is sometimes angered because she is as she says, referring to the computer "stuck in a box!

Principal Pal John Bliss The senile former principal of the school who only appears in the final season. He becomes the new social studies teacher when Miss Knapp retires.

He once had a dream to go roller-blading in Africa , which he wanted to do when he quit. It is revealed in "Halloween" that he has no pulse and a plate in his chest that makes it so his heartbeat cannot be heard, two things he used to convince Ned and friends that he was dead to scare them.

He later becomes the principal in Season 3. He is also the school's cross country coach. He has a doctorate degree from Harvard University.

His name is a play on the phrase "fame and fortune. His favorite food is steak, which he likes medium rare.

Crubbs is always keeping an eye on Ned. He is obsessed with flamingos, mini powdered donuts, and sunglasses. He states to Ned in "Career Day" that he didn't want to be a vice-principal as a teenager, but actually wanted to be a vice-cop in Miami.

He took the job as vice-principal as a way to help the kids at school stop themselves from getting to bad places and because it still has vice in the title.

He is one of the show's main antagonists along with Mr. He has three catchphrases. One is "Crubbs out! He is also known to tell people "You're fired!

A third is when he tells people that he will be watching them "like this," followed by putting his sunglasses on in various ways.

In one episode, when vying for the position of principal, he tricks all the people looking to interview for the position and locks them in a room, until Principal Pal knocks him out and puts him in the trap room.

Principal Wright becomes principal. In "Lost and Found," he is discovered to steal things from the lost and found and put them in a special room to keep including Moze's "puppy bear" she lost when she was young and Cookie's MP3 that his "Cowboy Cookie" song.

Xavier Lusia Strus is the 8th grade math teacher. She is a self-proclaimed "super-genius" who tends to be quite strict and almost maniacal.

She is always seen wearing a drab gray smock, and at one point requires all her students to dress the same way. Her students, including Cookie, seem to fear her in the "Math" episode due to her overly harsh attitude, but when Cookie suggests that math class should be more fun, she changes her rigorous ways and becomes friendlier to her students.

She has a Russian accent and loves romance novels. She has a crush on Gordy, who she refers to as "handsome cleaning man," and is shown to want to date him despite Gordy not reciprocating.

In one episode, she was revealed to have won bronze medals in Greco-Roman Wrestling and Luge, and is shown on a cereal box with a hammer and sickle on it.

In "The Bus", she rides a bike to school in order to stay in shape; at the end of the episode, she accepts Mr. Kwest's proposal to go on a date.

Evelyn Kwong Michelle Kim is a studious and smart person who likes competition within her courses. At first, she had a bitter rivalry with Cookie and tended to despise him, but becomes initially interested in him after they accidentally kiss.

She soon became madly in love with Cookie and seemed to torment him constantly, both competing against him to be the smartest student at Polk, and obsessively pursuing his affections.

Evelyn finally stopped harassing Cookie and started dating Seth who miraculously became smarter after spending time with her in the episode "Tests".

She was also part of an organization squad to help Ned get organized in the episode "Getting Organized. She tends to use intimidation to fulfill her goals.

The Scoop Vincent Martella is the school's journalist and photographer. He tends to be quite annoying and assertive, which especially annoys Moze.

He speaks with a Jersey accent and often wears a brown suit, a fedora, and carries around a camera. Scoop appears only in two episodes of the first season and one episode of the second season.

Dusty Chopsaw Dave Florek is the school woodshop teacher. He has an unnatural obsession with woodworking and sometimes acts like he is "attracted" to the shop tools.

He favors Moze as his best student and helps her through confusing times by giving her advice such as finding a talent for Ned's talent show and her feelings for Ned.

He could immediately tell that there was something more between Ned and Moze. He was also the very first teacher seen on the show.

He was in the Season 1 theme song. Combover Steve Bannos is the choir and music appreciation teacher. He also runs the school plays.

He's known for liking the arts and classical music artists like Mozart and Beethoven, as well as having an unusual combover and facial hair that encircles his face, leaving the rest of his head behind it shaved.

He is also a High School music teacher in the mornings. Lowe Fred Stoller is a quirky character that does two jobs at Polk.

He is seen as a study hall adviser and sometimes seen as the school's psychiatrist. He also seems to be the school bus driver in the episode "The Late Bus".

Kwest Dave "Gruber" Allen runs the computer lab, though he knows nothing about computers. He also runs a fantasy war game club and drives the bus.

His girlfriend apparently broke up with him in "The Bus" and he was very distraught as a result; at the end of the episode, he asks Dr.

Xavier if she liked to go on a date and she accepts. Her predictions always come true but not in the expected ways. She can at times be very obnoxious.

In "Electives" she taught a cooking class, where she chided the students who thought cooking would be easy and that it actually takes time and effort.

The Weasel — A weasel that runs around the school since the series began due to an untidy student's locker. Gordy wants to capture this weasel and has used numerous traps in the series and failed.

In one episode, Gordy successfully captures the weasel, but after finding a robot that heads straight towards it, Gordy shows remorse and releases the weasel and ends up being harmed by the robot.

In "Elections," the weasel was elected Class President. In the episode "Recycling," the weasel wins the school's recycling contest after stealing the reusable materials collected by everyone else to use for a nest, including Ned's Guide.

The weasel and Gordy end up having a liking to each other at the end of the series, especially since, in the series finale, it is shown that the weasel is actually a female when she is shown nursing new weasel babies.

They always dress in yellow and black, and tend to quickly spell-out insults at people. Their only appearances were "Spelling Bees" and "Best Friends".

They always seemed to have an aversion towards Cookie because he was also good at spelling. Later on in the series, they ask Cookie to be part of their group, but this was only so they could have their math grades changed.

Gross Steve Bannos is a teacher with bad hygienic habits, which makes him smell bad. He was seen only two times in the first season.

Mike Grudzielanek Joseph Ruzer is a student who is a jock and in the choir who is first seen in season 2. In "Upperclassmen" he and his friends except Jock Goldman beat up Ned throughout most of the episode for falsely spraying soda in their faces, taking away their pants and stepping on the wolf logo.

It is implied that he might play basketball and football, and he is best friends with Seth and Paul.

It is also implied that he got left back a year because he is seen with Jock Goldman and when Ned, Moze and Cookie reach the eighth grade, he is still seen in middle school.

Doug Secksay is a seemingly popular male student, who always goes surrounded by girls who like him. His face is unseen, since the girls cover him completely.

When the girls abandon him for Cookie, he is only seen from the back. He seems to be of Latino origins. His last name is a pun on the word "sexy".

Palmer Noid Cameron Monaghan - A pesky redheaded fifth grader who later becomes a student in Season 3.

He is commonly known as the "kid who takes pants. Albert Wormenheimer Stephen Markarian — A geeky, math-loving student with a habit of picking his nose and talking to his "inner voice" in a dramatic manner.

He created the popularity list for Polk in Season 3. He was part of an organization squad to help Ned get organized.

He taught him how to empty out clutter in his locker and use a calendar. He was in love with a new kid named Bernice, because she also had the same round glasses, enjoyed math and picking her nose, and talked to herself.

His nickname is "The Worminator. He is shown to wear glasses, have a bad habit of biting his finger nails, and somewhat be a little geeky like Albert.

She doesn't appear in Season 3 because she split up with Cookie and went to high school. Cookie brought Lisa Zemo to a dance along with Vanessa.

He tends to be very loud and overbearing, shouting at people, calling nearly everyone a "moron," and constantly reminding people that his last name is pronounced "wid-jay".

He was part of the organization squad to help Ned in the episode "Getting Organized", with his organization specialty being school gear. He also carries around a fanny pack everywhere.

After they broke up again, he begins to like Moze in Season 2. In the episode, "Double-Dating," he asks Moze to a dance.

To see if he truly likes her, Ned, Cookie and Gordy put Jock through a lie-detector test. Jock truthfully states he no longer has feelings for Amy Cassidy and likes Moze, prompting Moze to agree to go out with him.

However, at the dance, Jock sees Ned accidentally kiss Moze he believed she was Suzie and leaves her so Ned and Moze can be together.

In the aforementioned lie-detector test, Jock also reluctantly admitted to Ned, Moze, Cookie and Gordy that he once got the runs after eating bad roast beef.

She is often indecisive, as demonstrated by her inability to pick between Ned and Feynman. Moze starts off being taller than Ned in the first season, but roughly the same height as Cookie; She has long brown hair that grows longer each season, brown eyes, and light skin.

She dresses in a practical, tomboyish way, and once tried to dress girly, but decided to soon give up.

Ned and Jennifer are across the street neighbors and best friends. Ned was the one who gave Moze her nickname in the first grade to avoid confusion with the other three "Jennifers" in the class.

Throughout the seasons, they are shown to be very close and friendly. In Season 3, Moze starts to realize her feelings for Ned and vice versa until they finally started dating in the final episode of the series.

They have kissed 5 times so far in the series. In the first season, Suzie and Jennifer were enemies.

As the series progressed, they soon became friends due to common interests,. Click here to view the gallery.

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